In this tab, you can find all your orders grouped by order lines and unpaid orders

All orders

1. Sales

This chart indicates detailed sales values for your shipping, products, products with order discounts, and custom items for the respective time period. You can select daily, weekly or monthly views.

2. Orders

The list view of all outstanding and paid orders, with general details such as the creation and due date, customer name, ageing parameters and sales amount

All order lines

1. Sales by the order lines

This chart displays net sales values compared to the total number of order lines.

2. Order lines

A detailed list of all your order lines in open orders including customer, sales values and total product numbers. You also can see the quantity of fulfilled, returned and refunded products.

Unpaid Orders

1. Aged receivables

An accounts receivable ageing is showing the unpaid order balances along with the duration for which they’ve been outstanding.

It helps store owners to identify orders that are open and allows them to keep on top of slow-paying customers.

You can switch between unpaid and paid orders to review payment statistics on outstanding and already-paid invoices

2. Unpaid Orders

The list view of outstanding orders awaiting payment, with general details such as the creation date, customer name, ageing parameters and order amount

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