Here you can find 4 main key metrics related to stock movements and returns. The main operations map is located here too

1. Total stock value

This indicator shows you the total product cost value that you have now available in stock.

This value is as of today (not dependent on the date range selector).

2. Total returned value

Here are displayed all your returned products & product variant's total cost value for the selected time period.

3. Products with less than 30 days of stock

This is a number of product variants that based on our predictions will run out in less than 30 days! Hurry up and re-stock your inventory!

This value is as of today (not dependent on the date range selector)

4. Return Ratio

It's a total return ratio for the selected time period

The number of products returned is divided by the number of products purchased.

Colour is indicating if your business is above or below the industry average.

The lower this number is, the better that is for your business

Operations map

Process analysis divides the sales process into actionable steps

This is a process map showing you, what your sales and fulfilment process looks like and how much money you have in each operations step! The number on top of the box is describing the value of the products. Clicking on the respective box will take you to the details of individual indicators.

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