In this section, you can find fully detailed information such as total returns, total revenue, product tags, and other information about a specific product

Also, there are 3 charts for sales, returns, and an operations map that will show you in which processing step this specific product is currently allocated in a revenue basis

1. Find a specific product

Product Detailed => Find your product by searching or selecting from the drop-down list

2. Product on Shopify

This button opens a new window and redirects you to your Shopify store showing you the selected product.

3. Product Map

The product map displays this specific product's details in sales values.

So these are orders that have this product allocated in displayed value, and this map will give you detailed information on every processing step.

Clicking on any of the boxes will take you to a respective section to see the full picture.

4. Product Description

  • First Sale- Date when this product was sold for the first time

  • Last Sale - This date the product had a sale last time

  • Product Description - Your products description, it's synced from your remote store's product details

  • Tags - All the tags for this product have been tagged in your remote Shopify store and synced to the product details page

  • Product image - Main product image pulled from your remote store

5. Product Sales

This chart displays the total daily, weekly or monthly value of sales for this specific product

6. Product Returns

This chart displays the total daily, weekly or monthly value of returns that was made for this specific product

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