In this tab, you can find all detailed information such as invoices, discounts, order line items and more about a specific order.

Also, there is an operations map that will show you in which processing step this specific order and its line items are currently located

1. Find your order

Find your order by searching or selecting from the drop-down list

2. Basic Information

  • Status - if your order is active or inactive

  • Customer name - Customer who made this order

  • Invoice date - The date when the invoice was sent to the customer

  • Invoice amount - Total amount on the invoice sent to the customer

3. Order on Shopify

This button opens a new window and redirects you to your Shopify store showing you the selected order.

4. Order Details

Here is a table with the order's line items and their general information such as gross & net sales, quantity, fulfilment etc.

5. Order Summary

Here is general information related to order prices such as product price, product price after discount, shipping price, Tax and invoice amount

6. Order in operations map

The operations map displays this specific order's details in revenue value.

So there can be some line items that are paid and others not or some part is fulfilled but other items are still waiting for fulfilment, so this map will give you detailed information on every processing step.

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