In this tab, you can control your sales forecasting configurations, run training & forecasting processes, and get logs about all those processes

1. Demand forecasting - Here you can run training & forecasting and see the time and status of processes.

  • Run Training - When you press this button, all synced data from your store will get processed and the best suitable algorithm is used for forecasting.

    Note: Please wait for the training process to finish before pressing Run Forecasting button, It will take some time for this process to finish, depending on the amount of data you have

  • Run Forecasting - So when the best algorithms are chosen to process your data this button will start the forecasting process and make predictions for a particular period of time (You can change timings in configurations below)

2. NBO (Next Best Offer)

This model(algorithm) automatically qualifies and recommends products that are most likely to satisfy a customer. This type of strategy optimizes the conversion rates and coordinates the delivery of the best offer at an attractive price and the most adequate channel.

You can manually "Run Training" if you don't see any offers in your customer details -> NBO page

3. Sales forecasting configuration - Enable/Disable forecasting and control automatic configuration

3. AI Algorithms - You can set your Forecasting period by choosing one of the suggested time frames.

4. Algorithm logs - All forecasting process logs are displayed here, there are 2 options: Training & Forecasting (Activated in the first Sales forecasting tab)

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