1. Is it possible to connect 2 stores into 1 account?

Currently our integration supports only 1 store for connection

But this is in our Roadmap and we're working on this to make you able to integrate multiple stores

2. Can we integrate our manual store made by site creator platforms like Wix, WordPress, etc.?

At the moment we have an integration available only for Shopify store

You can add your suggestion by this link and we will add it to our Roadmap

3. Is it possible to connect other stores like Amazon, eBay ...?

We support only Shopify at current time, but working on other stores to be added

You can vote in our Roadmap which store integration to be worked first and we will increase priority for it

4. Can we integrate accounting & payment platforms like Xero, QuickBooks & Stripe?

Currently we don't support any accounting & payment platform integrations, but you can add this suggestion to our Roadmap and we will review & inform you if it will be added to the product

5. Can I integrate Shopify POS?

When you integrate your Shopify store, all data, not depending on if there is a POS store, will be pulled in to Nostradamus. So there is no need to integrate your POS as a different store(channel) to process that data

6. Can I delete all my store data and integrate my shopify store again?

If you notice that your data is not properly syncing or integration is working with some issues, please reach out to our support team and we will do our best to help you in a very short period of time!

We don't suggest deleting the app in your store and re-integrating your store to Nostradamus again because your first integration logs will be saved in database

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