1. How often data is syncing?

All your data is periodically syncing in automated way and will depend on your subscription plan, Basic subscription is every 48 hours and Professional is syncing every 24 hours

2. My products have synced but orders didn't, why? (Vise-versa)

If you notice that any of your data haven't been pulled to Nostradamus, please reach out to our support team and we will start investigating this right away!

3. Does Nostradamus push any data to my remote store?

No. Nostradamus's main function is to give you information about your operations and workflow, so it's not pushing any data to your store but will only pull and process it

4. How old data does Nostradamus pull from my remote store?

Nostradamus will pull all your data that you have in your store not dependent on how old it is, so it can be 5 years or just 1 month.

We suggest adding all your data to have more accurate forecasting

5. Which data you will be pulling from my store?

  • General information about your e-commerce store, including the following fields: Store name, currency, physical location, your email, language and store metadata provided by Shopify

  • All orders and line items of orders, including the following fields: Order name, quantities per status, price, currency, and dates

  • All products and product variants, including the following fields: Product name, image, notes, tags, price, cost, type, identification codes, units of measure

  • All customers, including following fields: Name, Email, Company name, Notes, City, Country

  • All locations, including the following fields: Name, type, physical location

  • All inventory levels, including the following fields: Quantity on stock, supplier information

You can learn more about this by following link in Privacy Policy - Application tab

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