1. How my prediction is generated?

After your data is synced from the store, the AI algorithm starts the training

Nostradamus.cloud utilizes more than 60 implemented AI algorithms to predict prospective customers’ behavior with 95% precision.

AI sales forecasting engine provides users with information about future selling quantity and validates if the store has satisfactory inventory to fulfill all future customer orders.

2. When I can get my predictions?

The algorithm needs time to train properly, it depends on how much data you have in your store because it's processed and passed through all our algorithms so in general, it can take up to 24 hours to present the results

3. What kind of factors are considered in Nostradamus.cloud Forecasting?

Nostradamus.cloud considers several indicators, some of them are weather, economic indicators, COVID-19 business risk factor.

4. Do I have to run forecasting manually each time?

No. After the first full integration synchronization completes, you should manually run the training and wait for it to complete, then run the forecasting manually

So after that, all forecasting processes will be automated

5. I have various units of measurement for quantity in my store, will I be able to get an accurate forecast? (in kgs, by peace, liters, etc)

Actually, it depends on your store, so if you can sell your products in Shopify, it means there is already proper measurement defined and it can be counted in a certain way.

So we will just use those units of measurement to provide you with proper predictions

6. Why my prediction is not accurate?

If you notice that your prediction is not accurate there can be 2 reasons:

  1. Your data is not accurate or some part is missing. In this case, you need to properly organize it to make sure there is no confusion in its organization or just supplement missing data(information)

  2. New factors have been added to your data so not all necessary algorithms are currently functioning. In this case, you just should run training in
    My company => AI algorithms page and make forecasting again

7. For what period of time will the AI & BI predictions be made?

Our AI can make predictions up to 12 months, but there are many probabilities of unexpected that, how far prediction will be, less accurate it will become.

Also, it depends on how much data was processed for forecasting, more data means higher quality and more accurate predictions.

We suggest periodical forecasting for 1-2 months to make sure its predicted prospective behavior will be 95% precision or even more!

8. Does the role of external factors affect Nostradamus.cloud forecasting accuracy?

Where external factors are truly having an impact on demand the consequences for miscalculating their impact is the same as any other variable. You run the risk of damaging customer relations, increasing costs, and reducing profits.

You can learn more about this here

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