1. On which date do you usually charge payment (which day of a month)

This will depend on your Shopify subscription time, payment for Nostradamus subscription will be taken together with your Shopify

2. Will my subscription fee be charged and deducted automatically?

Our subscription plans will be changing related to the volume of data processed, so we will count how many orders were processed and send invoices to you on a monthly basis and ask you for manual payment confirmation

3. What will happen if I will be late in payment, will you close access to my account and it will be lost?

The whole billing process will be held by Shopify. So if you are late in payment with Shopify, you will not have an access to Nostradamus.cloud as well. However, we will keep your data for 30 days, in case you missed the payment for any reason.

4. Is it possible to take a pause in subscription for a certain period of time? Can you keep my data safe and secure?

We don't make pauses in a subscription, unfortunately. You can cancel the subscription for a while and resubscribe when you will be ready to use the platform again. In this case, we will close access to your account and keep the data for 30 days.

5. How can I add extra users to my business account?

Your subscription plan includes a certain number of users, however, you can extend that number any time. You will be charged per additional user according to your plan. You can learn more on our pricing page.

6. Is there a way to pay a subscription for a longer period with an annual plan?

Our subscription fees are directly related to the number of orders processed, so we don't offer an annual subscription plan, it will be only on a monthly basis

You can learn more about subscription plans by following this link

7. How to cancel my subscription plan?

If you wish to cancel your subscription, please reach out to our support team by email: support@nostradamus.cloud or live chat pressing on the bulb in the right-bottom part of the screen. We should reach back to you asking for some extra information in a short period of time.

8. Where can I find my subscription payment invoice?

All our billing process is handled by Shopify, so our invoices are included in your Shopify subscription billing invoice. You can see those details in your billing page of your store. Here you can learn more about app charges in Shopify

9. Why am I paying a different amount than I was expecting?

If you notice that your invoice amount is exceeding your subscription plan fee, there can be 2 reasons:

  1. Orders number exceed - Please check the number of orders that you had last month because our actual charging amount is generated by the number of orders that were processed. So, for example, if you made a subscription for up to 300 orders and you exceed that number, you will be charged an extra $4.90(Standard plan) & $9.90(professional) for each additional 100 orders

  2. Users number exceed - If you added extra users that exceed the number stated in your subscription plan, you will need to pay an extra $2.90 for each additional user. This amount is the same for both Standard & Professional plans.

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