1. Does your site collect cookies?

Yes, we collect cookies. Here are the cookies we use in general:

1. Essential cookies

2. Performance cookies

You can learn more about our cookie policy here.

2. Can I export/Import data manually? (CSV, Excel, Import Manager etc.)

Currently, all data exchange is synced automatically so manual data import/export is not available

However, this is in our roadmap and our development team is working on this feature

We should make an announcement as soon as it will be ready to use!

3. If I change my currency in settings, will my reports change too and be converted to new currency?

Currency is not converted, only your currency sign will change in graphs and reports.

Actual currency value is pulled from your Shopify store automatically, so the real values will be the currency you set in your Shopify.

We suggest setting the currency to be same as in your Shopify to avoid confusion

4. Does Nostradamus support other languages?

At the moment only English language is supported, this is in our roadmap for implementation and we will make announcements each time we add a new language that will be supported in our platform

5. Can I use Nostradamus on my mobile phone?

Our platform is cloud-based, so it can be used by any device that supports browser

So you can use Nostradamus with your phone, iPad(any tablet), or computer

6. Can I connect Two-Factor Authentication?

Currently, we don't have an option to connect Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)

You can suggest this to us and we will add it to our roadmap and announce when this feature will be available

7. Do you have Nostradamus API, when it will be ready for use?

We don't have our API at the moment but our developers team are working on it

We should make an announcement when Nostradamus API will be available for use.

8. How can I transfer my account ownership to different email?

If you wish to change your owner account email, please reach out to our support team by email or live chat and we will update it from back end

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