With Nostradamus Health Check it's easy to track your store's performance and identify potential warnings and issues. This section provides you with a high-level view of your store's business state and key indicators.

Note: It's available for all users, however, some features might be not accessible depending on a subscription plan.

There are several things that are important in this section:

  1. Below is your store's Health Check score. It is updated on a daily basis.

  2. These numbers summarize your Health Check. Depending on the color and the number of checks you can Identify your store's overall state.

    Here is what these numbers mean:

    Green: You rock! Your store is growing and there are no identified issues.

    Orange: Review issues identified in audit! there a potential issues that need your attention

    Red: Multiple issues identified, immediate action required!

    Grey: No data available.

  3. This section also provides groups of checks for your Sales & Finance, Operations, Customers and Products.

  4. You can see detailed information for every check by clicking the data representing box.

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