How to create an article
Get a full step by step guide on how you can generate a blog with the best practices
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Generating an article with the Blog Assistant is a breeze! Simply follow the numbered flow and double-check the entries you enter for accuracy to ensure a successful output.

If you're uncertain about how to proceed with a particular step, simply click on the (i) icon to get a detailed explanation.

1. Select the language for your article

The blog will be generated in the chosen language and the title should also be entered in the same language.

2. Set the length for your article

When choosing the length of your article, Blog Assistant gives you the ability to create an expansive article with a maximum of 4000 words. However, keep in mind that the shorter the content, the fewer outlines(paragraph titles) you can create. For example, selecting up to 500 words will only allow you to create up to 2 outlines. Learn more about outlines here.

3. Give a title for your article

Adding a title for your article is essential, as it provides the foundation for the rest of your content. Aim to be concise and clear, with a maximum of 12 words for the best results.

4. Call to action

Including a call to action in your article is always beneficial. A short paragraph with a few sentences will be added to the bottom of your post, but it's not necessary and won't affect the content of your article. You can simply omit this section if you choose, but it's best to include it for potential later use and can be a great way to boost engagement.

5. Keywords

Keywords are a critical component of setting the tone and context of your article. You can either enter keywords manually or quickly and easily generate them by pressing the 'Generate keywords' button. The generated keywords will be based on the title you entered. For optimal results, generate the keywords first, then remove any that you don't like and add your own to complete the list.

Please keep in mind that you can have a maximum of 5 keywords.

6. Blog Outlines

When selecting how many blog outlines you need, the number will depend on the length of the blog you established in step two. Simply hit the 'Generate outlines' button and they will be generated based on the title and keywords you picked. If you wish to regenerate certain outlines, just uncheck the box and hit the 'Regenerate outlines' button which will leave the checked boxes unaffected. You can regenerate outlines up to 20 times.

Learn more about blog outlines in our video [to be inserted]

7. Generating the content and titles

Verify all the information you have entered and press the Generation button. Note that it may take up to 5 minutes before your blog is ready. After the blog is generated, you will be presented with 5 suggested blog titles from which you can select one to use instead of the one you initially entered.

Check out a video on how to generate an article

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