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Getting Started with Blog Assistant
Internet Connectivity in Blog Assistant
Internet Connectivity in Blog Assistant

This guide will teach you how to create articles using data from a URL or search term, or by incorporating your own descriptive text.

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This is a unique feature not available with any other AI writing tools. Now, you can generate articles using real-time data from a specific URL or search term, or draw from your enrichment text. This allows you to include any specific information you desire in your article. It's an entirely fresh approach to creating content using AI writer.

In simple terms, Blog Assistant can work much like a regular search engine now. All you have to do is enter the URL of a specific website or type a specific search term, for example, 'How smart are dolphins'. Blog Assistant will then gather all the information from the website or the top search results and convert it into a condensed, enriched text. Once you're done setting your keywords and outlines, the Blog Assistant will generate an article based on the collected information. Essentially, you can produce an article on any topic you can find online. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Let's get straight to understanding how it works so that you can start producing incredible content right away!

1. Select your preferred enrichment option.

Choose if you'd like the content to come from a specific URL, search results, or your own enrichment content and fill out the second field just as shown in the pictures below.

2. Next, just hit the 'Execute' button and hang tight for a bit. Soon enough, your enriched text will be ready.

After this step, you can keep inputting your desired keywords and start creating outlines. Finally, you'll end up with a fantastic article that's tailored to your enriched text! It's really as simple as that!

Check out a video on how to start using the Internet Connectivity

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